AFK Arena Best Team

Best team for Afk Arena

Nemora| Tasi |Lyca | Shemira | Brutus
This is the best list of heroes that you can choose.
You can use this team from start to chapter 24 and more than that .if you can control the powers of them you can play with this team for a long time. Xanax 2 mg online

You can play it in two ways: Brutus + Shemira at the front, or Brutus + Lyca at the front.
These are the two best combination.

The Budget All stars

Nemora | Arden | Lyca | Shemira | Brutus
In this team we replace Tasi with Arden because of the need of that hero and its abilities to perform better than Tasi against the enemies.
This team uses to be the best team before Tasi arrived.
The user can use these heroes team for more than CC 160. Aurogra online

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