AFK Arena A-Rank Tier List of Best Heroes

AFK Arena is a well-known RPG mobile game in which the players are supposed to make teams and fight with enemies as well as protecting each of the belongings. The teams usually consist of 5 members and the heroes are provided to the players through a feature known as random summoning. The reason, this game is given the name AFK Arena is because of its exceptional feature of keep on digging resources while the game is on sleep. The heroes in this game have different capabilities and the players can make use of those powers of the heroes in the way they wish to such as an attack on the enemy. But, otherwise, the game will play on its own. The players will decide the most suitable team and strategy and then simply, on the go!

Within the AFK Arena we have several factions. The faction is important given that very specific bonuses are achieved when we use them in the same team. But it should be noted that in certain contents of the games the factions become even more important. Both in the arcane labyrinth and in Peaks of Time we can collect relics as we move forward. Some of these relics provide our heroes with bonuses according to their faction. This is very important when it comes to advancing correctly.

In AFK Arena you can progress while you are disconnected. Train Heroes, equip them and take them to battle. With the ascension you will be able to raise the statistics to unimaginable levels. It’s a very interesting and fascinating game without any commitment of hours and hours of play to advance. You can play in your dead time and have up to 12 hours of free farming without having to connect to the game physically. So, you can focus on your other businesses and come back to the game whenever you get enough time.

AFK Arena Tier List of Heroes

Some heroes in the game are able to level up faster as compared to the others but in a long, each of the players will level up through campaigns. Out of all the AFK best heroes list, some heroes have unique abilities that are activated when their energy is charged during battle. Heroes who can reach the level of mythical and ascended have 4 abilities. Those with the highest level of legendary have three abilities. Each of the skills has several levels. Each level increases the value of this ability. Either in increased damage, more bonuses applied or expanding its functionality. But in order to ideally progress in the game, you need to know about the heroes and their capabilities.

To help you a little, we advise you to use the best armor, weapons, etc. with the “A” rank tier list heroes The reason you are going to use them will is that they can help through the highly difficult stages of the game as they have a fast leveling up speed. Focus the effort on leveling up the best team you have. As well as putting it in the hero that best suits the situation. Without any delay, here we present the

AFK Arena A Rank Tier List of Heroes:

  • Vedan – DPS
  • Rosaline – Support
  • Hogan – Tank
  • Belinda – Buffer – Damage Dealer
  • Silvina – Damage Dealer
  • Khasos – DPS
  • Thoran – Tank
  • Fawkes – CC Damage Dealer
  • Estrilda – Buffer
  • Grehzul – Tank

Each of these heroes are considered as the best heroes in AFK Arena ranked as A rank tier list. They have unique and exemplary powers that we hardly find in any other player of a different rank. For example, Fawkes’s highest level is 240 which removes the buffs from the enemies and we couldn’t find such an ability in other list of other ranks.

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